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Who we are

RxTrail was founded and developed by two pharmacists with more than 20 years experience in retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, supply chain management, and technology development. We are ultra-focused on efficiency, in the busy environment of pharmacy. We strive to automate nearly all of your DSCSA requirements. We are here to support you, through technology and consulting.

What we do

RxTrail assists retail pharmacies, hospitals, distributors, and other third-party logistic providers (3PL) in meeting DSCSA requirements. From a pharmacy perspective, RxTrail will store all DSCSA track and trace data in a single location. The RxTrail software can be used to verify inventory received, receive new inventory containing DSCSA data, and generate key documentation.

Who we integrate with

The core component of RxTrail services is our data “grid”. RxTrail receives electronic track and trace data from four major wholesale drug distributors (McKesson, AmerisourceBergen, HD Smith, and Cardinal). RxTrail is also connected to key information networks (TraceLink), as well as other EDI-capable suppliers across the United States. Through these partnerships, RxTrail receives and stores track and trace data for its customers. RxTrail has assembled a grid of information that is quite large. In fact, 99.98% of all DSCSA data in the month of March processed by RxTrail was received using automated data feeds from our grid.

We value our relationships with our clients

What our clients are telling us.

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Our Service

Service is second to none.

Our customers speak for us

The customer service is second to none.  We have been very satisfied with their knowledge and support.  A support ticket can be opened within the program and the response is quick.


It's simple to use

Interfaces Matter

The shipments from our wholesaler are uploaded into RxTrail automatically… it is not complicated so it is easy to master, even for someone with minimal computer skills.


Well worth the monthly fee

The time you spend for compliance is minimal. The cost is reasonable

You shouldn’t have to trade value for price. Our solution is well-constructed and intuitive, and best of all affordable.

We have an extensive network of track and trace data connections.

We’re here to make DSCSA simple for you.

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