We provide a complete set of tools, to allow you to comply with DSCSA regulations. We offer secure storage and data backup, for all of your DSCSA for a period of 6 years or longer. We provide reporting tools that allow you to respond to government investigation. We provide tools that allow you to continue to trade with your business partners.


Need to get a pulse on your current state of compliance with DSCSA? We provide consulting services…

We partner with you to answer your questions and help get you started with running a compliant pharmacy and clinic. We provide self-auditing tools and you can also secure our services for an on site assessment. We believe that these “mock” audits are the best option, to ensure you are covering all of your bases and prepare you for the future.


We have developed API’s for 3rd party logistics providers and suppliers. We can deliver DSCSA data in multiple formats. Whether you are looking for custom JSON web services or fully developed document delivery, we have you covered.

Need help with integrating an existing SAP ERP system? We can assist you with technical hurdles, such as generation of serial numbers for your production line and logistical services. We are prepared to handle EPCIS events.

RxTrail takes a totally different approach to 340B. Specifically, RxTrail does not compete for services with other 340B vendors. This is because RxTrail offers a totally different value-based proposition. Namely, RxTrail helps you to better understand your own organization and 340b ecosystem. With this understanding, RxTrail makes recommendations for specific resources, technology and services, that fit the need for your organization.

We are laser-focused on “high-quality, high-reliability” technical and personal processes. After working with over 50 Covered Entities, we have unlocked some outstanding opportunities for organizations.

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