If you buy, sell, borrow or loan prescription drug products, there is a good chance you need a DSCSA compliance technology. RxTrail will help you comply with DSCSA. RxTrail will give you the tools you need to create T3 documentation so that you can continue to exchange products with other pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, etc., maintain your records, and minimize your level of effort to comply with DSCSA.


Secure Data Storage

Keeping 6 years of T3 Documentation, organized and in a format that can be used for reporting is no easy task. RxTrail takes care of this for you.


T3 Document Creation

Create compliant T3 documents for all of your product shipments in just 3 easy steps. Ensure your T3 documentation is complete


Barcode Driven Workflow

Minimize manual entry and maximize your time. Most RxTrail workflow requires limited manual input by you.


Wholesaler/Manufacturer Integration

We minimize the time you spend in many ways. We integrate our solution directly with your Wholesaler and Manufacturers.


T3 Reporting

Quickly identify recalled product or products under investigation. The federal requirement is to retrieve records within 2 business days of request.


Professional Support

Tap into our expert consultants for all of your DSCSA needs. We are happy to assist you any way we can. Our support process is second to none. Click here to see what some of our customers are saying about our service.