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We value honest feedback. Check out what our customers are saying…

“It’s economical”

“The program is not complicated so it is easy to master, even for someone with minimal computer skills.”

“The shipments from our wholesaler  are uploaded into RxTrail automatically”

“I love barcoding and this program utilizes barcoding when verifying receipt of items, returning an item, or creating a new document for shipment.”

“Creating a shipping document when you are selling an item to someone is easy.  You can pull items from your inventory using the barcode/lot/NDC/name search or add new items manually.  Uploaded files can also be added to the document for further history.  The final document can be automatically emailed to the recipient or it can be printed.  It is a very clean, professional document.”

“The customer service is second to none.  We have been very satisfied with their knowledge and support.  A support ticket can be opened within the program and the response is quick.”