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340B Program Services

We help relieve the burden of running a compliant, high-performing 340B program at a time of increasing complexity and financial pressures.

Whether you need 340B consulting, staff augmentation or outsourcing, or a dependable partner to run your program for you, RxTrail has your needs covered.

We start by performing a comprehensive evaluation of your current 340B program to identify strengths and gaps at the mixed-use and contract pharmacy levels and find early indicators of problems. Then, we create a tailored assessment with recommendations for how to strengthen your program and maximize benefits. We also bring the tactical and technical expertise needed to execute on those recommendations, with continuous support from experienced, trained 340B program administrators.

Services we offer: 


  • 340B Software Management and Implementation - RxTrail can manage the complicated implementation process in full, including setting up data feeds for the parent and contract pharmacy sites, writing queries and scripts, and working closely with TPAs to analyze data, iron out issues and optimize software functionality

  • 340B Internal Compliance Audits - Our Apexus-trained experts can help prepare you for a HRSA audit and strengthen your day-to-day internal controls

  • Financial Accounting Oversight - RxTrail can conduct a comprehensive financial audit of your entire 340B program — both internally at your parent site and at external contracted retail or specialty pharmacies — to assess performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and better predict expected revenue

  • Pharmacy Network Development - RxTrail can do a "deep dive" into your data to help develop a network of high-performing contract retail and specialty pharmacies to complement your 340B program and expand benefits

  • Retail Pharmacy Launch and Optimization Support - We can help covered entities launch a wholly owned retail pharmacy location to help optimize program benefits. RxTrail can help you determine staffing and capital needs and get the site set up and integrated with your software data feeds and overall program workflows


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Get in touch with our team and learn how RxTrail can help you optimize your 340B program.

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