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340B Program Management

Finally, one place, one vendor, one system that handles your entire 340B program.

We focus on predicting the success of your program by simplifying it and putting it in the hands of our experts. Our team specializes in every aspect of 340B program management and have supported 100’s of customers that vary in size and complexity – from multi-center health networks to stand alone Community Health Centers and Critical Access Hospitals.

Our processes are second-to-none and we give you an industry first unified view of your 340B program using our RxTrail Impact software. This is backed by and moderated by 340B experts available via email, chat, phone, or Zoom. Core to our relationship with you is our emphasis on financial stability, compliance, availability to expert consulting all in a single system.

Financial Predictability and Success We ensure stable financial outcomes for your 340B program providing a reliable financial framework for predicting success based on our extensive data-driven client support experience.

Best Practices for Compliance Implementing best practices from our field research, we maintain the efficiency and compliance of your 340B program, adapting to evolving regulations.

Your Personal Team of Specialists Our team of seasoned 340B program experts offers high-quality consulting and problem-solving support suitable for various client needs. During our engagement with you we handle all projects 340B-related. This offloads a tremendous amount from your operations plate.

Streamlined View in One System The RxTrail Impact Platform integrates essential financial and compliance data. It adds features like referral capture tools and educational resources to help you consolidate your processes.

Several things we do for you.

  • Software Management We manage your TPA Software, Including Walgreens and CVS.

  • Data Reporting and Automation We have a data science team that is dedicated to working with your IT team, or on your behalf to deliver, automated data, to your vendors.

  • Account Management We handle all your vendor, wholesaler, manufacturer and pharmacy relationships.

  • Financial Support and Board Reports These have never been easier, with our Impact Platform. See everything you need to, on your mobile device or from your desktop.

  • Internal and External Auditing We can support you for either or both of these time consuming tasks. We support you during HRSA audits, as well as Manufacturer Inquiries.


What does 340B Program Management, look like to us?

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