Advanced Referral Capture

Our pioneering work with the largest platforms in the sector has positioned us at the forefront of digital innovation in 340B referral capture.

Elevating 340B Referral Capture Through Innovation

When you capture every eligible referral prescription, you maximize your 340B benefits.

Traditional methods, fraught with compliance concerns and intensive labor, keep many entities from fully leveraging the benefits of referrals.

At RxTrail, we transcend these conventional barriers. We don’t just provide referral capture services, we redefine them.

Seamless 340B Referral Integration

Powered by robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning (ML), our platform diverges from the typical. With RxTrail, integration isn’t just about incorporating referrals; it’s about optimizing your workflows and ensuring compliance.

Automated Tasks

From reading documents to reaching out to providers, our system ensures efficiency, accuracy, and speed.


We obtain necessary documentation for establishing referrals.


We authenticate and document patient relationships to validate eligibility.

Internal Compliance

We update your 340B policies and procedures, ensuring they reflect the latest in referral compliance.

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RxTrail can Help You Capture 340B Referrals